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Tools and working examples of HTML, XML, FORM, HTTP and CGI programming in Scheme: CGI processing utilities; an integrated Web form-script to search a 

More experienced Scheme programmers mostly use local variables instead of the global variables described above. This is considered better programming practice and this construct should be recognized in order to be able to read others Script-Fu scripts. Local variables are declared through the the let keyword as in the following example: 3. Lisp and Scheme We use the programming language Scheme in this material. Therefore it is natural to start with a brief discussion of the family of languages, to which Scheme belongs. This is the Lisp family of languages.

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The initial (or "top level") Scheme environment starts out with a number of variables bound to locations containing useful values, most of which are primitive procedures that manipulate data. CSE 341 - Programming Languages - Winter 2010 Scheme Scheme profile. Lisp dialect can be used in a functional style (but not purely functional) dynamic typing; type safe exclusively heap-based storage w/ garbage collection pass by value with pointer semantics lexically scoped (originally Lisp used dynamic scoping) The Scheme Programming Language. Third Edition. R. Kent Dybvig. Illustrations by Jean-Pierre Hébert to Scheme because of a 6 character limitation on file names. Scheme is a small, exceptionally clean language which is fun to use.

18.6 Write a program parse-scheme that parses a Scheme arithmetic expression into the same kind of tree that parse produces for infix expressions. Assume that all procedure invocations in the Scheme expression have two arguments. The resulting tree should be a valid argument to compute: > (compute (parse-scheme '(* (+ 4 3) 2))) 14

Scheme expressions (often called S-Expressions, for Symbolic Expressions) are either lists or atoms. Defining Scheme Functions Handout written by Jerry Cain, Ben Newman, and David Hall. Obviously Scheme wouldn’t be of much use to us if all we ever did were compare strings and confirm that numbers like 222 are integers. Like all programming languages, Scheme allows us to build our own procedures and add them to the set of existing ones.

Please note that this document is also includes a specific user guide explaining how to complete the e-report for the Access to Markets scheme. EN lists of 

It is great for teachers and  The Scheme Programming Language. Scheme philosophy.

Scheme programming

Scheme REPL integration.
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Scheme programming

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Scheme is a general-purpose, functional, programming language descended from Lisp and Algol. It is a statically scoped and properly tail-recursive dialect of Lisp. Scheme is a very simple language with a very simple syntax based on s-expressions. Its simplicity is fundamental in making it …

The form and meaning of programs written in the Scheme programming language, in particular, their syntax, the semantic rules for interpreting them, and the representation of data to be input or output by them, are specified. Die Programmiersprache Scheme ist eine Lisp-Variante.