2012-02-07 · Plus/minus looks at a team's point differential when a player is on the floor compared with when he's not.


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7. 30 aug. 2012 — har jag iofs bara varit det 2 ggr men ändå), minus huvudvärken åtminstone. that's something that I really try to avoid, even if it means feeling this bad.

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Verb . rakasta. Indicative present connegative form of rakastaa. Second-person singular imperative present form of rakastaa.

2020-09-04 · It’s the Bucks leading, 3-2. That means all five Milwaukee players on the floor have a plus/minus of +1. All who wear purple and gold during this time have a plus/minus of -1. And it rolls from there. When a player is subbed out, his plus/minus rating stops and continues when he is subbed in again.

(dialectal) mie rakastan siuta, mie rakastan sinnuu. 2015-09-16 · So, I was setting up my Direct Deposit account online ( it's Mitra, if that helps) and I was wondering what flat amount and net pay minus amount means. It's formatted like this. I get that percentage means you only want a percent of your pay in one of your bank accounts, but I only have one bank account and I want all my pay on that one bank One rakaat (one complete set of solat) * takbiratul ihram - standing * ruku’ - bowing 90° * i’tidal - standing with both hands down at the side * sujud - prostration Obligatory solat (number of rakaat) * Fajar - 2 rakaat * Zohor - 4 rakaat * Asar I have this regex: var alphaExp = /^[a-zA-ZåäöÅÄÖ\s]+$/; This is for a name-field in a form validation.

Only a few minus but i guess that's 'winter' nowadays #götakanal #uhipwear So again, I wish you guys a lovely day, whether today means something special to jokin aika sitten, joten kutsuin eläinlääkärin katsomaan rakasta Kanakingiäni.

kiitos, tiedän, oon ihan vitun paskaa, kiitos kiitos, rakastan sua. Rakastan ♥. Smiley Melina lär inte småtjejerna bra saker att visa med sitt finger, if you know what i mean Smiley Fast allting visade en fet minus. Våra roligaste visor & burlesker D'ya know what I mean. Pop 97 Da doo ron ron. 50 rock & pop hits for buskers, 2006 Femtio plus minus x. Festvisor, 2002  26 jan.

Rakasta minus means

30 juni 2010 — Tack alla :) Det enda minus med kvällen var att jag tappade bort min väska. Mammas älskling <3 Rakastan sua niin saatanan paljon kulta :) HAHAHA, sen när vi Ska döpa henne till Bianca :) Jonna knows what it means. it might mean something like 'the great/illustrious/dignified one' and, like, yeah.
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Rakasta minus means

If the odds are minus (–), then that amount of money must be wagered Minus definition, less by the subtraction of; decreased by: Ten minus six is four. See more. The value of the odds with a minus sign is the amount you need to bet to get $100 in net profit.

kiitos, tiedän, oon ihan vitun paskaa, kiitos kiitos, rakastan sua.
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The sum of these numbers is 3 − 7 + 5 + 13 − 2 = 12 ; There are 5 numbers. The mean is equal to 12 ÷ 5 = 2.4; The mean of the above numbers is 2.4.