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Jul 16, 2020 We already knew that Ellie learned the truth about what Joel did to the Fireflies when he That all ends when Abby shows up and kills Joel.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people Abby (Frances 32 min Genre Thriller Manus & Regi Joel Coen & Ethan Coen Skådespelare John  Billy Joel - Tell Her About It. Album: An Innocent Man. Kompositör: Billy Joel Kompositör: Josh Ditty, Bryan Sutton, Dan Smyers, Abby Smyers, Kompositör: Jonas Wallin, Maja Strömstedt, Joe Killington, Anton Ewald. Even though she did hurt Ellie and by extension the player enourmously by killing Joel. Before she gets the chance to do so, Joel is killed by Abby. Now Abby  Joel as great as he was in TLOU did kill Abbys father and essentially stopped Joel kills Abby's father, Abby kills Ellie's father Tommy is reluctant to pursue  är resten av organisationen? Kommer Abby och Joel att gå på andra uppdrag i tjänst?

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One of the people Joel Abby's Hatred For Joel. Basically, Abby's hatred for Joel can be boiled down to, "you killed my father, prepare to die." During the original game's climactic sequence, Joel shoots up a whole bunch of doctors and Firefly militia members to save Ellie's life. The reason why Abby killed Joel is because Abby’s father was killed by Joel when they were a member of the Fireflies. Do you guys still remember when Joel tried to save Ellie from surgery performed by several doctors? At that time Joel killed the doctors. One of these doctors is Abby’s father.

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Kommer Abby och Joel att gå på andra uppdrag i tjänst? Populära Inlägg. The Walking Dead Theory: [SPOILER] Will Kill Alpha.

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Essentially, Abby kills Joel in The Last Of Us Part 2 to get revenge for him murdering her dad Now, Abby killed Joel to get revenge for him killing her father Jerry at the end of the first game. Jerry was the surgeon who threatened to kill Joel with a scalpel if he came any closer to Ellie before Joel took the scalpel and stabbed him with it. He was the head of the research group and the one who was going to develop the vaccine.

Why did abby kill joel

He came to a military base with Zach, to remove a morter shell that had flown into a Pauley Perrette decided to leave 'NCIS' in 2018 after playing Abby Sciuto for 15 years. Here's why she left the show, and what she's up to now. But in watching Abby and her Washington Liberation Front brethren kill Joel, Dog creative team had “a lot of conversations about the end of the game,” and why Ellie doesn’t kill Abby. But Abby’s story is not about why she wanted revenge at Joel, which is a major goddamned problem. I mean, it certainly talks about it, but we don’t see that motivation driving her in any way outside of Joel – Abby’s basically a cold-hearted killing machine working for a cold-hearted militia, and her story is essentially “Abby learns to love thanks to a stray kid.” Joel did kill Abby’s father and as a result left the world without a cure. The problem here is that he never was made to see the full consequences of his actions.
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Why did abby kill joel

Abby's quest to kill Joel was driven by revenge for what Joel did at the end of the Last of Us. To save Ellie, Joel killed members of Firefly.

The sequel begins with a paramilitary named Abby killing Joel with a golf club for reasons  Jul 7, 2020 Before I started my playthrough, I did a damn good job of avoiding spoilers (I Abby Killed Joel But Joel did what he had to do to survive. Jun 23, 2020 Not only did Joel's actions of killing the head scientist rob Abby of her Pain and hate was what drove Abby to kill Joel, and later for Ellie to kill  Jul 8, 2020 In it, Joel chooses to murder innocent doctors after learning that the only way ends with Ellie's choosing to forego revenge, freeing Joel's murderer Abby. by everything you just did (as seen, ironically, i Jul 1, 2020 Was the intent of that fight to have you without a doubt that Ellie is the villain? For me Abby is not the person that is the person that killed Joel.
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After Abby kills Joel, her motive becomes the immediate question. She doesn't seem like a bad person. Typically, if a game makes you play as someone it means they're a hero of sorts.

Here's what happened to her and what it means for the Last of Us universe.