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2 Aug 2020 Afrikaans is a majority black language that played an important role in the struggle against apartheid. Alexander, like many others, therefore 

The Afrikaans Language Monument was built in Paarl, Western Cape Province to recognize the 50th Anniversary of Afrikaans as an official language in South Africa. Linguistic Origins Afrikaans is a daughter language of Dutch, and is preferably spoken in South Africa and Namibia, and to some extent in parts of Botswana and Zimbabwe. Afrikaans is a language spoken predominantly in South Africa. Derived from Dutch, it shares many similarities with this language and is therefore also similar to English in many respects. There are more than 12 million speakers, with roughly half of them speaking it as their first language, and the other half speaking it as a second or third Afrikaans is spoken as a first language by 60% of white South Africans and by about 90% of the local coloured folk.

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A West Germanic language spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia. Learn the colors in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Scandinavian languages vocabulary compared side-by-side. Pris: 159 kr. Häftad, 2015.

The Afrikaans Language. Afrikaans is a daughter language of Dutch, because up to 95% of Afrikaans vocabulary is of Dutch origin.Therefore, Afrikaans belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, along with English.

'n The Afrikaans Indefinite Article, a very unique letter. Pronounced the same way as the English 'a' as in 'a dog' or 'a song'. 'n Is never written in upper case if used at the start of a sentence, instead the word that follows will receive an upper case letter. There are reasons why it is useful: More people speak it than you believe There are only about 6 million native (L1) speakers of Afrikaans - however according to Ethnolougue there are in fact 7.2 million native speakers in South Africa and Namibia The Afrikaans Language.

(Afrikaans language) Bland kända sydafrikaner som talar afrikaans flytande fanns Nelson Mandela. Flera framstående och internationellt kända författare 

Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa and Namibia. It stems from a rich and diverse culture and it has more than 7 million people speaking this language in South Africa alone. It is estimated that in total more than 20 million people understand Afrikaans. It is the native language of 7 million people in South Africa alone.

Afrikaans language

Annat. 1. A West Germanic language spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia. Learn the colors in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.
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Afrikaans language

finska  Lyssna på How to Learn Afrikaans with our FREE Innovative Language 101 App! av Learn Afrikaans | direkt i din mobil,  The Development of Dutch and Afrikaans Language Resources for Compound Boundary Analysis.

· Afrikaans was only recognized in 1925 as  OP-ED.
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7A Afrikaans beeld. Afrikaans A-Z 2020 - PDF Graad 1 tot Graad 7 Versamelname - Kleuters | Afrikaans language, Afrikaans Afrikaans 

Afrikaans Lessons. The lessons will help you to start to learn Afrikaans. They are designed for beginner level language learners and anyone who plans to visit South Africa. Included are basic grammar lessons overing essential Afrikaans grammar, simple words and phrases and basic vocabulary.